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Choosing a Grinder

Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Grinder

Grinding your coffee fresh will greatly improve the quality of your cup. The type of grinder you use matters too. We’ve created a quick rundown of some of the most popular options. Take a look!

Blade Grinder:

+ Cost: around $20
– Inconsistent grind, causing poor brew extraction
– High grinding speeds that diminish bean aroma and flavor (due to friction/heat)





Hand Mill (Manual Burr):

+ Creates a consistent grind
+ Portable
+ No electricity required
– Less expensive versions break easily
– Patience and muscle required




 Electric Burr Grinder:

+ Quick and effective
+ Consistent quality grind
+ Slower grind speed, preserving bean quality
– Quality versions start around $100
– Less expensive versions labeled as “burr” often have very low quality burrs, and create a low quality grind



We hope this helps you make the leap to grinding your coffee fresh.

Drink good coffee!

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