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Smalltown Collective

Our way of giving back.

What is it?
An initiative by Smalltown Coffee Co. dedicated to fostering growth and health in local communities by investing in the 5 areas that are most essential to help communities thrive.  


Who is it for?
All of our wholesale partners have the option to join our Collective and invest in their community with every cup and bean sold. Email us to learn more. 

– We long for the days when communities were more connected in person. One of our favorite things about coffee is that it fosters this well.

– You can accomplish more when you do things together

– Nearly half of Americans report feeling alone.

– Technology and texting can’t replace being together.

– Community and connection are essential to being human.

– Locally owned businesses and organizations are essential to this movement

5 Elements of Thriving Communities //

Community // regularly doing life together

Environment // stewarding the natural environment well

Career & Education // finding and growing in roles we thrive in

Social // honoring others

Personal // health, essential needs and provisions