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Coffee for Education

Munster Roast coffee was crafted by Smalltown Coffee Company and approved by the dedicated teachers of Munster, Indiana. A portion of its sales supports The Munster Education Foundation – a nonprofit that works tirelessly to enrich the programs, activities, and facilities of the School Town of Munster. 

The Coffee: This fresh roasted whole bean coffee is well-balanced with sweet chocolatey and nutty flavors. There is a hint of citrus acidity that adds a little liveliness. Enjoy a great cup of coffee a support an amazing organization!

If you would like to sell Munster Roast in your store or cafe please submit a request via email.

Munster School District

Approximately 4,100 students across 5 schools with 90% of students at or above average grade level. The District has a long tradition of excellence and has received state/national recognition for academic and extra/co-curricular accomplishments. The District is constantly adapting/evolving to changing environments and MEF is a partner to the district to help them meet these new demands as they occur.

MEF Grants Support Innovation

Approximately $25,000 in grants are provided to teachers and administrators in all five School Town of Munster schools to enhance learning in Munster classrooms. The program is an essential tool to help bridge the gap between the government funded school budget and the innovative and cutting-edge opportunities that our district wishes to provide our students.

Unique Funded Grants

Some of unique projects that MEF has funded include the GO GREEN multi-curriculum project at the high school, a Tower Garden using aeroponics for the cooking lab, microbit kits for engineering courses for the middle school, instruments for elementary music classrooms, problem solving curriculum for high ability classes, and technology for exceptional needs classrooms

Munster Education Foundation

Since its inception in 1992, MEF has awarded over $250,000 in grants to teachers, administrators, parents, and community members throughout the five School Town of Munster schools for new and innovative education experiences beyond what the current school budget can support. Purchase Muster Roast today to support MEF. 


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